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Bald Eagle Pellet Co. offers absorption, solidification and stabilization pellets that are ideal for use in the hydro-excavation and vac-truck industries. Add our pellets to your wet hydro-excavation spoils or slurry and you will eliminate the threat of run off or leaching into waterways. Bald Eagle Pellet Co.’s absorption pellets activate on contact, waste material will be stabilized quickly, and will also be safe to leave on site or transport without fear of leakage or runoff.

There are two efficient methods for using absorption pellets in hydro excavation

Out of the vac-can method

After hydro-excavating, dump wet spoils or slurry into a pit or mixing container. Add our absorption pellets to the wet spoils or slurry. The pellets will quickly absorb the spoils or slurry at which point they can be properly and easily disposed of.

In the vac-can method

Prior to and during hydro-excavation, you can add the absorption pellets directly to the vac-can through the vacuum hose. The absorption pellets will combine with the spoil or slurry inside the vac-can during excavation. By the time excavation is complete, the spoils or slurry will be treated and ready to be properly and easily disposed of either on site or off site.

Bald Eagle Pellet Co.’s absorption, solidification and stabilization pellets will help your company become more environmentally responsible while saving your customers time and money.

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Bald Eagle Pellet Co. has been providing absorption, solidification and stabilization materials to the oil and gas industry in the Marcellus and Utica shale regions since the plays were first discovered. We understand the demands and time constraints of the drilling industry. We offer 24/7/365 service with a large warehousing capacity and a multi-mill production network.

Bald Eagle Pellet Co. products are ideal for drill cuttings and wastewater. No matter how fast you drill, our products will absorb, solidify and stabilize your wet drill cuttings. Just a small amount of our pellets will make your drill cuttings safe for transport with no fear of leakage or runoff. These products are acceptable for use with water-based and oil-based treatment and our products will help you pass any paint filter test during disposal. We make disposal of your water-based and oil-based drill cuttings safe, easy and mess free.

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Bald Eagle Pellet Co. offers absorption, solidification and stabilization products that are ideal for water-based and oil-based waste fluids. These products are also perfect for waste fluids, treatment facilities and industrial demolition job sites where waste fluids are an issue. No matter your need or location, Bald Eagle Pellet Co. has an absorption, solidification or stabilization product ready for you. Make your job safer, easier and less expensive. No mess, no problem.