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Absorbent Wood & Corn Cob Pellets

Important Facts:

Our products have a fast reaction time activating on contact with water.
Our products are not made using any byproducts. Our absorbent wood pellets are made from virgin use wood fibers harvested from local lumber mills and forests.
Bald Eagle Pellet’s premium wood pellets will save you time, space and money.
  • Ultra absorbent – Our pellets have only 6% moisture content and natural wood fiber can hold up to 70% moisture content. Our premium wood pellets can absorb over two times their weight in water. This means 2,000 pounds, or one ton, of our wood pellets, will absorb 4,000 pounds, or two tons, of water; more than 482 gallons.
  • Less freight and material for absorption will be used at your job site.
  • Less freight and waste material will be sent to the landfill from your job site.
  • Ideal for absorption, solidification and stabilization of oil and gas drill cuttings, hydro-excavation spoil and slurry, heavy industry demolition and wastewater treatment.
  • Saves time and space on your job site. All of our premium wood pellets are compressed to half size in a high-density pellet. One ton, or 2,000 pounds, of product, fits easily into an easy-to-move super sack bag that comes on a standard 42″ x 48″ pallet. It also comes with a waterproof cover to ensure it retains its maximum absorption properties.
  • 100% natural and renewable – All of our premium wood pellets are made from virgin wood fiber and nothing else. We never use refuse, waste material, or reclaimed house or pellet debris. This guarantees our premium wood pellets will be accepted at any landfill without a problem.
  • Out performs other products on the market today. Our absorbent wood pellets out perform blended powders, stone dust, chemical drying agents, green saw dust and corn cob dust. Some of these products even contain up to 50% moisture content before ever making it to your job site.

Kiln-Dried Sawdust, Wood, & Corn Cob Flour

Kiln-dried sawdust is similar to common workshop sawdust but is more coarse in texture.

Wood flour is a very fine and powdery wood product similar to baking flour in consistency and texture.

Bald Eagle Pellet Co.’s kiln-dried sawdust and wood flour is ideal for absorption, solidification and stabilization of oil-based drill cutting, heavy oil-based waste fluids or demolition fluids where thick viscosity is an issue. Our kiln-dried sawdust and wood flour comes in a loose, non-compressed form. It is ideal for quick solidification and stabilization of thick viscous oils. All of our kiln-dried sawdust and wood flour is manufactured at 6% moisture content. This prevents any extra water weight from finding its way to your job site. Our products are manufactured at local sawmills using local forests and making our supply abundant and secure.

Wood Flour and Kiln Dried Sawdust are a better alternative to corncob and switchgrass because they are produced year round as opposed to seasonally.

Our products are a 100% natural and renewable resource.


Bald Eagle Pellet Co. offers a super absorbent polymer that is the most absorbent product we offer. With an absorption ratio of more than 30:1, this product out performs most other products on the market. This material instantly activates on contact with any amount of water. This allows large amounts of wastewater to be absorbed, solidified or stabilized very quickly. It is ideal for large-scale waste water projects, hydro-excavation spoils and slurry, heavy industry demolition with wastewater issues, oil and gas drill cuttings or any other application where large quantities of wastewater needs to be absorbed, solidified or stabilized quickly. You have to see it to believe it.

No mess, no problem —at the speed of polymer.

Samples are available upon request!

Hardwood Floors

At Center Hardwood, we produce high quality strip and plank hardwood flooring, unit-block parquet, and herringbone flooring. All of our products are manufactured using locally sourced Northern Appalachian hardwoods. They are manufactured under the tightest quality control measures and all of the products exceed industry standards.

Premium Wood Shavings For Animal Bedding

Our High Quality Wood Shavings are made only from standing live timber. All bark & dirt is removed prior to shaving to ensure a bacterial mold-free shaving. All shavings are light and fluffy and are always made fresh. Our Quality Wood Shavings are sold in bulk loads for industrial poultry, dairy, livestock, and equine bedding use.

Our Wood Shavings are 100% organic!

Pellet Silo System

How does it work?

  • Puts Bald Eagle Pellet Co.’s Premium Wood Pellets into a vertical silo next to your drill cuttings soldification area
  • Gravity feeds or Auger feeds our Premium Wood Pellets into your mixing bin or half round
  • Reduces solidification material footprint on site
  • Eliminates the need to unload, move or store Super Sacks of wood pellets on site

Increases safety & reduces risk on the work site

  • No more unloading Super Sacks of wood pellets off trucks
  • No more moving Super Sacks from staging area to solidification area
  • No more swinging heavy Super Sacks high overhead employees & mixing bins to unload them
  • No more empty pallets & bags cluttering site area

Saves your company money

  • Reduces footprint of solidification material four-fold on worksite
  • No need to pay your employees to unload or move solidification material ever again
  • Never pay to throw away empty Super Sacks or pallets again