Pellet Silo System

An onsite pellet and storage delivery system

How does it work?


  • Puts Bald Eagle Pellet Co.’s Premium Wood Pellets into a vertical silo next to your drill cuttings soldification area
  • Gravity feeds or Auger feeds our Premium Wood Pellets into your mixing bin or half round
  • Reduces solidification material footprint on site
  • Eliminates the need to unload, move or store Super Sacks of wood pellets on site

Increases safety & reduces risk on the work site

  • No more unloading Super Sacks of wood pellets off trucks
  • No more moving Super Sacks from staging area to solidification area
  • No more swinging heavy Super Sacks high overhead employees & mixing bins to unload them
  • No more empty pallets & bags cluttering site area

Saves your company money

  • Reduces footprint of solidification material four-fold on worksite
  • No need to pay your employees to unload or move solidification material ever again
  • Never pay to throw away empty Super Sacks or pallets again

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