Premium Wood Pellets, Saw Dust, and Wood Flour

Perfect for Absorption, Solidification and Stabilization

Bald Eagle Pellet Co. and Center Hardwood, LLC., are family-owned and operated businesses with five generations of experience in the forest products and absorbent industries. With our main office, mills and warehouses in Tyrone, Pennsylvania, and several production mills located in the Northeast, Midwest and Mid Atlantic regions, Bald Eagle Pellet Co. and Center Hardwood, LLC. are ready and able to meet your absorption, solidification and stabilization needs.

The staff at Bald Eagle Pellet Co. understands the absorption, solidification and stabilization needs of the oil and gas drilling, hydro-excavation, wastewater management and demolition industries. We deliver all of our absorption products in a professional and time-sensitive manner 365 days a year, 24/7. Bald Eagle Pellet Co. has you covered.